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For your cruise with us, we have put together a choice of buffet and menu suggestions on this page. We are happy to provide you a with customized buffet or menu on request. With us you will find fresh and imaginatively prepared dishes. We recommend you matching wines from our exclusive range of German and European winemakers.

Charter Trips


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Group Offers

Because of the very good response, we again have special group offers for groups of 15 people or more this season. Enjoy a selection of different tours including of a 2-course-menu, breakfast, coffee cover or a snack as a package price.

As the below are special offers, we ask for your understanding, that these offers are only valid from 15 people (minimum quantity). In case of reduction in the number of persons under the minimum quantity the full price for 15 persons must be paid. The reduced fare can only be guaranteed if a common order is placed up to 10 days before the trip.

Special 1

approx. 3 hours City Round Trip on the Spree and Landwehr Canal from a landing pier of your choice

including 2-course-menu

  • Escalope of pork “Viennese Style” with mixed vegetables and parsley potatoes
  • “Rote Grütze” (red fruit jelly) with vanilla sauce

Special 2

1.5 hours City Centre Tour from House of the cultures of the World through the modern and historic areal of Berlin


  • Escalope of pork “Viennese Style” with potato salad

Pupils Special

1 hour City Centre Tour from Hauptbahnhof / arriving Moltke Brücke through the modern and historic area of Berlin

including a small snack

  • Bockwurst with bread / 4 pc. chicken nuggets with bread
  • 1 drink (0,3 l)