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Aquarella Berlin

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„AQUARELLA BERLIN“ has been conveying its unique „Spree-Feeling“, filled with romance and emotion, annually since 2011.

During this unique experience, you’ll be able to get to know the German capital from afloat the river. While aboard, you’ll surely be fascinated by an exuberant display of fireworks, music, and lighting. A breathtaking ship-ballet performance, coupled with the possibility of a summertime buffet, will be sure to excite all of your senses to the fullest!

The „AQUARELLA BERLIN“ masterfully merges one’s natural fascination with light with one’s emotional sense of music. By doing so, „AQUARELLA BERLIN“ is able to briefly capture the meaning of the Spree for Berlin; certainly highlighting its vitality, while setting this grand ship-convoy as the focal-point of the public’s eye.

In a group of several beautifully-lit ships, the ship-convoy will advance up the Spree, through the heart of town, past many historical as well as modern buildings, home to the metropolis of Berlin. Electrifying laser-illuminations fused with impressive displays of light (by light-designer Andreas Boehlke), will shine a whole new light on the way one may perceive Berlin’s popular sights. Fireworks at the Mühlendamm sluice and at the Osthafen, between the Oberbaum bridge and Elsen bridge, accompanied by soft musical vibes, set the mood for a fantastic grand-finale-fireworks-display. So far, this explosive event has succeeded at giving each and every one of our guests a case of goose bumps!

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