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When one lives and works in Berlin, one is automatically in a varied and innovative environment. We have a long standing and successful cooperation with some companies from this innovative environment, we are partners. We would like you to benefit from our “Network Berlin”, therefore we offer you discounts with our partners, which are all linked to our ship tours.

City Stiftung Berlin e.V.

The City Stiftung Berlin e.V. demonstrates the commitment of the Berlin’s citizens. The association wants to serve the common good and create a lovable and worth living urban space for the people in Berlin and Brandenburg. Since its establishment the City Stiftung Berlin e.V. promotes under the sign of “Das Blaue Herz” (the blue heart) the development and beautification of the inner-city areas, especially with temporary cultural stagings – such as the design of streets, squares, monuments, buildings and street furniture with light, water, color, and green. To this end, the City Stiftung Berlin e.V. merges people and companies, that are willing to commit oneself for a life-and lovable urban space.

In 2011, the City Stiftung launched together with the shipping company Reederei Riedel GmbH and Andreas Boehlke Lighting Design GmbH the water event “AQUARELLA BERLIN”, which since then takes place every summer.

Further attractive activities are at the planning stage.


The visitberlin Preferred Agencies was established in 2002 and is an association of 14 leading agencies of Berlin in the areas of meetings, incentives, conventions and events (MICE). They offer a concentrated know-how and many years of experience, combined with a pool of creativity, contacts and economic solidarity – a up to now unique association in Germany to support of the local city marketing. The primary goal of this unique network is to market Berlin as an international top destination for MICE projects together with the visitBerlin Convention Office (BCO). In addition, the agencies are the official contact for all types of events in Berlin, whether conferences, meetings, incentives or events.

Andreas Böhlke Lichtdesign

The light designer can enlighten Berlin with his passion: Andreas Boehlke is a visionary, he designs and implements in one person. Yet not only during pre-Christmas period the cities are glowing by his imagination: for years now Andreas Boehlke is the man behind the light installations of the FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS in the fall of each year, and since the last years for “BERLIN LEUCHTET” (Enlightened Berlin) as well. He ensures with his professional team the latest quality and safety standards.

His projects go far beyond the border of the capital, such as to Hanover, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Dresden and Leipzig.
Internationally, the light designer is represented with his work in Paris, Cairo, Turin, Budapest and London. The life motto of Andreas Boehlke is: “Ich habe den Boden des Handwerks nie verlassen!” (I have never left the floor of the craft!)

Renaissance-Theatre Berlin


With WUNSCHKINDER, the newest play from Lutz Hübner and Sarah Nemitz, celebrates the
Renaissance-Theatre Berlin the first premiere of the year at 31st January 2017. We are pleased about the first appearence of Simone Thomalla, a german actress, on a Berlin theatre stage. The other parts are edgy casted with Angelika Milster, Judith Rosmair, Klaus Christian Schreiber, Arne Gottschling and Emma Lotta Wegner.

WUNSCHKINDER tells about a well-off middle class family. Four months ago the son Marc made his university-entrance diploma. Since then he is hanging around, doing nothing, sleeps a lot and raids the fridge. The desperation of his parents rises. What shall they do?

One day, they notice a change. The reason: Marcs new girlfriend Selma. Suddenly nothing could be better. After all one evening he comes home extremely upset…

The acts, awarded with many prizes, of Lutz Hübner and Sarah Nemitz are very famous on German stages. At Renaissance-Theatre Berlin were BLÜTENTRÄUME (2010) and RICHTFEST (2013) played. FRAU MÜLLER MUSS WEG appeared in the year 2015 with huge succes at the cinemas. The author team exhausts its humorous and critical stories from reality. Their figures are true-to-life, at the same time enormous present and – we recognize ourselves in them.

Theo, the magical inkblot

The legend goes that Theo dripped from the pen of master Corax, the magician of darkness. Someday the dark magician wanted to prevent the sunrise in the dawn. In doing so he wrote down a wrong magic spell and Theo blotted in glowing blue out of the crow quill. With lightning speed the perky magic drop hides oneself. Through Corax Theo possesses magic powers, thenceforth he cheers up the world.

In 1993, Theo was initially created for the radio, since 1994 he also appears live. The magical inkblot supports the development of children aged between three and ten in many ways.

Berliner Kriminal Theater

Thrilling suspense and exciting entertainment for an audience addicted to crime novels are given on the stage of Berlins “Kriminal Theater”. Whether toxic or sling, gun or knife, a falling flower pot or an Angel of Death are the cause – a murder is a must-do! And of course a Commissioner. Who is the perpetrator? This is the most frequently asked question in the “Kriminal Theater”! ‘Cause: the murderer is not always the gardener!

High-voltage in the transformer station East.

You get 20% discount on all days on all seats in the price range I and II with a ticket of the Reederei Riedel GmbH.


The TourismusDialog.Berlinis an independant communication plattform and comprehensive network between media and tourism. Journalists of press, radiocommunication, TV, agencies and free authors meet constantly with personalities of tourism, hotels and gastronomy as well as representatives of politics, economics, science, culture, community and diplomatics.

During open and faithfull exchange of ideas, are actual and perpective, social relevant topics commented and backgrounds lighted.

The TourismusDialog.Berlin excists since 2001 and meets usualy monthly. The spectrum of topics is variegated and a wide choice. The status, the development and future of tourism, security on vacation and travel in extended Europe via car and bus tourism, touristic railway and air traffic, congress and exhibition travels to health travel, city-, culture- and ecotourism as well as trends and strategies at hotels and gastronomy are subject, which The TourismusDialog.Berlin deals with.

Fireside chats, discusions and panels, visits and excursions offer especially journalists the possibility to experience information first-hand and to substitute opinions and awarenesses about new developments and trends in tourism with guests. Therefor are renowned and competent conversational partners invited for dialogue. This way should be journalistic appropiate articles in media of inland and abroad with high informational value stimulated.

Fundament builds properitively cooperation of protagonists of different sectors of community, with whom vitalised cooperations are cultivated. Chief confederates and sponsors are companies and facilities of tourism, hotels and gastronomy like tour operators, hostels and unions and agencies abroad. The generous support of numerous sponsors enables often a pleasent atmosphere.

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